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Mombasa International Film FestivalAbout The Festival

The Mombasa International Film Festival is a celebration of local and international cinema, offering a diverse selection of films from talented filmmakers.

  • Experience diverse films from local and international talents.
  • Network with industry professionals and filmmakers.
  • Enjoy film-related events and activities throughout the festival.
  • Collaborate with local authorities for unique film tourism packages.
  • Showcase popular film locations and experiences inspired by festival films.
  • Attract film enthusiasts and tourists to iconic Mombasa locations.
  • Participate in documentary shoots and engage in public analysis and breakdown.
  • Organized by reputable partners Mombasa County Government, Swahilipot Hub and Alliance Française.

Join us for an extraordinary cinematic experience that celebrates the art of filmmaking, promotes tourism, and contributes to the growth of Mombasa's film industry.